About BST

BlindSellTrade.com was launched in August 2019 to be an alternative to existing outlets for posting classifieds and ads to buy sell and trade goods with other fellow people with disabilities looking for products specific to accessibility but also technology and independent living gear in general. We firmly believe we should treat the blindness community and all disability demographics with the same level of access as the big marketplace websites.

Free to use

We believe in the free and open exchange of classifieds, product listings, articles and the building of a strong community not based on cost. Other platforms may charge you fees before a classified goes live with no guarantee that your product will sell. Some folks may opt to pay for yet more ads with further hopes of a sale. In this scenario, the only one making money is the website. In some cases where big marketplace sites do charge fees, it is only done so after a product has already sold.

Privacy of information

We take privacy seriously. Our forums provide a way for users to post their items for sale and we strongly advise against revealing personally identifiable information in any postings as the forum as a whole is viewable to the general internet. As a result, in order for buyers and sellers to connect with each other, an account must be created to be able to exchange private messages or emails. This form of communication removes BlinSellTrade.com from the transaction equation and allows buyers and seller to work one on one to complete a sale.

No high traffic email lists, no heavy handed moderation

In days of old, email lists were the way to communicate with individuals to share ideas and information. However, we believe that for a large number of people to come together, email lists tend not to be the most ideal. On high traffic lists, you may find your inbox clogged with tens of messages each day. Our forums are organized by category and all users are able to opt to read only what they want. This is particularly important as all discussions on any one given topic will stay within that topic thread. In addition, we also believe in freedom of speech, which means that, outside of slander, hate speech, doxing tactics and other obvious forms of such activity, are permitted.

What you can do

In order for us to grow into a strong community, we rely on users to spread the word. Make a post, write an article, write a product review and share it with the community. We strive to be a user supported and run platform for all.